Doctor finds ideal home here

Inside her condominium unit at the Magnolia Place in Quezon City, Dr. Gladys Belmonte feels she’s always on a weekend outing – her balcony opens up to the refreshing view of the poolside and lush landscaping. From her office table by the master’s bedroom, the natural light and the morning and night breeze flows in, giving a hint of the countryside.

On some days, she asks friends and relatives to come over, just to meet or to host birthday dinners in her unit. She always gets everyone to come because they find her place an ideal address.

Indeed, DMCI Homes’ Magnolia Place in Quezon City has given Dr. Belmonte the features of her dream home – a resort country home she always wanted for herself and nine-year-old son, Air. They have been living in a corner unit for more than a year now, but everyday, she said, she falls in love with her house. The three-bedroom unit she purchased has been turned into a two-bedroom place, its walls in pastel colors that give a beach vibe. Mounted on the walls are knick-knacks that are reminiscent of one’s summer days – seaside-inspired pieces.

“I now enjoy coming home. I’ve acquired furniture and furnishings little by little and now it gives me a sense of achievement just to view what I’ve done.” Her favorite place is at the balcony, where she reads a book, or just spend quiet time.

The unit, which was turned over in May 2010, had all the basics and is fully-fitted but she had it altered to make space for her things. She had some hidden closets installed to maximize space and a lot of pull-out fixtures.

Friends who visited her place were surprised that a project like Magnolia Place stands in that part of QC area near Mindanao Avenue. It is a stone’s throw away from St. James College and a few minutes to the Veteran’s Memorial Hospital.

“I was also surprised that a resort-style condominium can be found in this highly urbanized community. I have looked at several projects within the city, visited a number of showrooms but when I bumped into Magnolia Place, I knew this was it and I fell in love with the place easily.”

The amenities at Magnolia Place complement her lifestyle. She works out in the gym and swims regularly to keep fit. Whenever at home with son Air, they usually take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood at night since the security allows them that luxury.

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